Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pinning Tails

life throws you things
that not only do you
not expect,

but that you don't really know
how to handle.
That you
don't know how
(or where)
to draw that line
that so desperately
needs to be drawn.

"Humbert Humbert's folly was not
his attraction to Lolita, but
in his failure to distance
himself from her, knowing his
attraction was both illegal and

It's sickening that Lolita
keeps rearing its ugly,
ugly head. And in the oddest
of places, mind you.

If only the rights didn't seem
so right...
but the wrongs are so wrong.

And I, in the eye of the storm.

Here and Here


  1. i feel quite bad for H.H.
    i actually really liked him, a lot

  2. although, i understand the context in which you posted this and i'm not condoning THAT whatsoever.