Sunday, August 31, 2008

i would. sorry.

who would even publish something like that???

little things turning big

i already have a feeling that this post will not be substantial.

what i mean by that is that i doubt someone who decides to read it will finish reading feeling fulfilled or satisfied with the content they have just read. in fact, i have a feeling that maybe, after reading this post, anyone who reads my blog in general will be discouraged enough to never read my blog again. IN FACT. they may even be discouraged with the general decline in intelligent information posted on the internet due to the rise in availability and ease with which information can actually be posted for potentially free access to billions of people across the globe, to the point where they may actually never again access the internet and even protest the commercialization and the aforementioned availability of the internet, pleading government to amend the 1st amendment to exclude internet posting and to regulate private sites and blogs. it may happen.

now. the post.

charlotte is sitting beside me on the couch. metalocalypse comes on soon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

speaking of africa



i'll tell you i'll tell you

i would do anything to live on elm street.

for one day.
maybe twelve.

eternity isn't that long, anyway.
i'll tell you, i'll tell you.

if i could write in barcodes i would.

plato once said, i have a dream
or was that someone more recent?

im sure plato said it too.

here's a link to zebras. push me they are generally social animals.
i typed out the address from memory. its that important.

good morning.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

contest ends when i reveal too much

but which one?

i like viewing old sites radiohead made.
they are labrynths.

im convinced i will never see each page.

i like to get lost in them sometimes. most times.

here's one now.

these are some things.

i like school. its only been 4 days though. monotony has not set in.

thom yorke is a mess. but that doesn't mean he's not a genius.

we have books on him here. ill read one, one day. learn how to be like him. him and jim m. we have more books on jim. ill read all of those, one day.

it rained this morning. it rained again this afternoon.

here's a picture though.

i will give you $100 if you can give me specific instructions, beginning from a blank browser, on how to locate this image in its natural context. seriously, $100.
contest ends at one point in time. but not the other.

here's another look.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

the best things in the world

are FREE

i got my second free grandpa's guitar the other day.

although its plug its kinda like a young grandpa's guitar

i like it.
the action is high, but only about half as high as my other one...he's worn out.

i dont really play guitar.
i know some chords.
bass is better


in the meantime, the USA is crushing France at fencing...didnt france like invent fencing? whats up france. freedom rules.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

oh, rock.

Seven Ages of Rock. great special. its on vh1 classic.

but it made me realize something.
lets take a step back in time...

the who. wanted to have a more raw sound to their music. they distorted their guitars and molded rock as we know it.
rock got commercialized and glamourized. gag.

the ramones and the sex pistols. realized rock got commercialized and glamourized and went back to the basics. they made their music even more raw and distorted than rock. punk was born.
punk got commercialized. gag.

ozzy. went a step further. sabbath went back to the basics, made rock deep, dark, and a little scary. metal was born.
metal got commercialized and VERY. VERY glam. gag.

from this point take whatever direction you want. thrash metal led by metallica, slayer, megadeth, etc. or american hardcore, led by black flag, bad brains, and minor threat.
whichever direction, each took it a step towards the extreme, going far beyond black sabbath, deep purple, judas priest...all those metal bands. and CERTAINLY beyond the glamourized metal of def leppard, kiss, etc.

these days, hardcore goes further, sometimes blurring the lines between metal and hardcore punk. normally i equate the extremes of modern music to be like norma jean or the chariot.

which brings me to one and only one conclusion.
if we follow the trends...
our kids will be listening to bands like MDX. gross. grosssss.

ill deal with it.