Friday, July 25, 2008

I Love Change

this could mean...change.
like the seasons change.
people change.
chameleons change.
bands change their style.
technology changes.
some people change underwear.

don't get me wrong, i like that kind of change.

what im talking cold, hard...change.


it all started at the beginning of last school year. fall semester. i had a big bag of quarters for the laundry room. it should last all year, i thought. it was pretty big.
i put the bag in the middle drawer of my desk.
soon, i just put all my loose change in the drawer.
it was a money drawer.

that, and some other stuff...but mostly money.
i didnt use anything but quarters so whatev. i left it there.

at the end of the school year...i had to bring it back i threw it all in the quarter bag and brought it home, forgetting about it.

well here i am, in a financial bind. i wont get a paycheck till next week or so. but check it out. i have that CHANGE!
so i get all excited and i go to roll it. and here i am now...sitting next to more than $60 of rolled change. ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS.

now i just gotta wait until i find myself near a bank to cash it, cuz we all know i can't afford to make a special trip out there just to cash in my gas money.
thats baloney.

storyblog over.

Friday, July 18, 2008


okay, you know what? i am sick of this.
so many atheists pound on religion, especially christianity for driving their beliefs into other people's ears. but guess what?
ive seen far more atheists start religious debates than christians.

this is a list of some of the things i CANT STAND.

I HATE when i am scrolling through a forum or some sort of thing like SongMeanings and i see a post that starts off with "i am an atheist but..." or "i am a christian, but..."
I HATE IT. I HATE IT. I HATE IT. why should your beliefs have anything to do with whether or not you like a band? seriously. i hate seeing "i really like norma jean, even though im an atheist." or... "lamb of god is a pretty good band, even though i am a christian."
what does that matter?
all that draw attention to yourself in hopes that someone with different beliefs will catch your comment and respond with a tongue lashing. you are ASKING for trouble.
its like they draw themselves towards religious debates.

another thing i hate is what i witnessed today.
i was reading about Ryan Clark's new artwork for The Showdown's newest album. the art features a HUGE dude with arrows sticking out all over him, but he is unphased. he just stands there like Zeus. he got the idea from the greek mythology song titles on the album.

the VERY FIRST COMMENT on the blog was from a kid named "16 year old atheist."
but this kid was all over it. he was like "blah blah i think you as christians are hypocrites for introducing greek mythology which is polytheistic blah blah"
great kid. you know big words like mythology and polytheism and monotheism.
come on. just because they are christian, doesnt mean every single thing in their life (like album art) has to be a big portrait of jesus.
YES. the point of christianity is to let jesus spread into every aspect of your life.
but for real dude. there is nothing wrong, in my humble opinion, with respecting other cultures and finding an entertainment value in utilizing ideas and imagery from another mode of thinking.

my biggest beef with atheists is that they are so often so very aggressive in denouncing everything that isn't similar to their own beliefs, which is one of the major reasons they became atheists in the first place. (this is called hypocrisy.)

ugh, i have more thoughts but im just not feeling it right now.
part 2?

peace V

speaking of john entwistle...

the flaming lips have been better...
incubus just doesn't belong in that genre...
the foo fighters were pretty dang good.
pearl jam ROCKED. OUT. LOUD.

tenacious d put on a pretty stunning performance of squeeze box.
maaama's got a squeeze box she wears on her chest.

sorry, had to get that out.

i was skeptical of adam sandler...but he pumped everyone up for THE WHO pretty well.


dude they were fantastic. keith moon's ghost had a pretty awesome performance, i think john's ghost missed a few beats in the My Generation solo, but come on. the man was a beast on bass.

nothing could beat pete's guitar playing though haha.

i think next year should be pink floyd. or the doors.

i love rock n roll.
no. i love it.


live it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

for those of you that don't know...

john entwistle.
is the greatest bassist to ever touch a bass guitar.

. legend.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

when the music's over

turn out the lights.

im reminded of a time when rain was bad

late nights of late...
there's just something missing.

i like the rain now.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

its krueger.




who's to say what reality is, anyway?

i love you.

once my great grandma mentioned how interesting it was that when a traffic light turns red, everyone just....stops. we laughed at her. we still tell the story. she's crazy! ha.
i thought the same thing today.
i was driving to pittsburgh and its true. the light turns red...and obediently, every car comes to a complete stop. why isn't that interesting? as individual as our thoughts and motives are, there are some things that we just obey, without need for thought. light: red. stop. light: green. go.
i could go into infinitely more detail trying to work out the logic of this concept in my own mind, but for those of you that aren't me, I'll spare you.
about this same time in my trip, i noticed the sunset. it was around 8:15.
i like sunsets better than sunrises. its the colors. and the shape.

then i got on the ramp to get on the parkway. this is my favorite part of the trip from crabtree to pittsburgh. within 5 seconds, everything changes. Rte 22 is order, control. but that moms, business men, college students...all instantly become nascar drivers. its like the pace car followed 22 and 376 is our track. everyone picks up about 20mph and chooses a lane. no worries about those first two sharp turns, you gotta pick your speed and do it. the ramp merges with two other lanes and instantly becomes 4 lanes, then 3.

at this point i remember a theory about humans, at some length, subconsciously tune in to the thoughts of others. like an instinct. i don't remember the name of the theory, and don't care to look it up now. but it makes sense. most of us were in the center lane. almost at once, the majority of the cars shifted right or left, depending on their destinations, i guess. i chose not to shift.

the fear. the fear is what keeps us here. keeps us here.
the reaf. thefrear is whatk epss us hear. keepsh us here.
the fear. hte fear iws what keeps us here. keeps us here.
the fera the frea is what keeps ushe re. kesps us here.
the arefr. the feark ish what keips us her. keps us here.
the fear . ther efalre is what kiepeps hs here. the ferkeeps usehere.
the fera. ther fera is what keeps ushe ere. keeps huses. rhere
the fera. the rfearklt si htalwh keps ush eher. hekps .ush hre.
ther felrai . ther efarheis tlhwhaltis. itheslus.e

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks, Futbol, and Hard Candy

So my day started off well.
I woke up to The Twilight Zone.
Then I watched The Twilight Zone.
Followed by...The Twilight Zone.
Later I watched...The Twilight Zone. was a marathon.

I watched some of Jaws, but soon returned to The Twilight Zone.
I watched some of The Twilight Zone.
Then I ate some hot dogs. Practically eating a little piece of America.
I had french fries too. Talk about an American meal.
Oh, with ranch dressing.
Anyway, then I watched Fear Itself. And The Twilight Zone.

THEN. Then I went to PMs.
It was rainy.
We played some soccer.
My team won. 47-2. whatev. no big deal.

THEN. We went to the church.
Played with fire.
Set off some fireworks.
Played some sah-ker.
We played in bare feet, and now my feet are murdered. Dead.
But you know what? Never again will I play in shoes in the CLC.
Its so much more fun.

But for now...I'm just chillin in my home, watching Hard Candy.
Ever see it? Oh, you should. It's in the $5 bin at Walmart. Sup.
It's great.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cup Crazy Version 2

Free Agent Day = A Hockey Fan's Christmas

it goes like this:
Average American's Favorite Holidays:
Valentine's Day or whatever other joke holidays there are. whatev.

Hockey Fan's Faves:
Free Agent Opening Day
Trading Deadline
Start of Season
Start of Playoffs

im going insane. is Shero out of pens or something?
no one is signing.

word on the street:
orpik seems to be leaning towards the pens. knock on wood. maybe we just need to sweeten the deal with some free candy.

hossa leans towards detroit. but detroit won't give him the deal he wants. pittsburgh is number two(knock on wood) but his joke agent leans towards edmonton. whatever. ritch winter and kevin lowe are bumbuds.

markus naslund likes pittsburgh. him and demitra wanna be friends. they wanna play together. like a sandbox. i dont think we're interested in demitra but whatever...knock on wood.

that joke jaromir jagr is bein hush hush but theres rumors of a penguins offer sheet on his desk that he's taking a serious glance at. GAG.

jarkko ruutu is trying to tie things up with pittsburgh. cross your fingers. and knock on some wood.