Thursday, November 4, 2010


The innumerable voices in the crowd
were growing into a murmuring buzz,
but there was a visible silence
between us; though I suppose my ears
may have been ringing.

We had--have? some history I think,
but even anonymity has its way
of being healed by time.

I guess its no one's fault,
but my motto (no regret)
has taken a turn for the worst recently
but maybe for the better.

The glance, though, we each made
from across the auditorium (which was
quickly broken upon discovery),
told me that it was over.

"Sorry to say."


  1. i'm here, everyday. i just can't think of what to write.

    this post makes me sad.

  2. i'm not too sure how to go about doing that...

    when are you coming home next?

  3. I feel a little lost as well, and i'm not even in college...

    try to wander home soon, i'd like to see you again sometime before the end of the world.

  4. I changed my place! I changed my place!

  5. i love it quite a bit, i think the layout was made just for me...

    well, i made her mad, again. i think she'll probably come around and let me take the test, since it'll suck more if i have my license but can't drive anywhere. hahaha