Sunday, February 20, 2011

You don't know how often I begin to write here and then delete it. It doesn't work.


  1. ANDE. We posted at almost the EXACT SAME TIME last night. Except my time on my blog is all messed up so it's claiming I posted at like 5. But I didn't! No, sir. I posted 15 hours ago. Maybe my blog thinks I live somewhere else in the world. With a 3 hour time difference. Would that be England-ish? Or further? I'm not very good at time differences.
    Don't delete things! Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and hit publish anyway. Nothing will get done if you second and third guess everything!
    Love you :)

  2. Oh god, the truth has come out. I post all of my blogs from a boat in the middle of the Atlantic. I feel a blog coming on and it's "OH HELL GET ME TO MY SHIP."

    I think everyone gets into those ruts from time to time- I have with my blog, where I've not posted for a couple months at a time. It'll come to you. Sometimes it's also in making yourself write something, y'know? Like as a kid if you played a sport, you probably didn't want to go to ALL of your practices ALL of the time, but you had to to get better at it, or to make it come more naturally. I always thought it was interesting when a novelist would say that he/she scheduled time to sit down and write everyday. But it makes sense.