Friday, December 17, 2010

Let's Set the Record Straight

Maybe you don't get it.

Punk isn't about doing drugs.
It's not about anarchy.
It's not about partying
or coarse language
or vandalism or spray paint
or about getting wasted.
It's not about sex,
or "bucking the system"
by deviating from law and order.
Punk isn't about dressing
a certain way or about
knowing a lot about music.
It's not about going out every night
and it's not about being

Punk is about being true to yourself.
Punk is about non-conformity,
it's about FREE THOUGHT,
and it's about never surrendering
your beliefs for the sake of
acceptance from others. It's about
doing things for yourself. And it's
about standing together. It's about
using your gifts and talents
to your potential, no matter what
someone says. It's about standing up,
for yourself, for your friends, and
for your belief system. All of it.
All the time. Never back down.

Back off.

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