Friday, December 11, 2009

Two Sided Printing - Flip On Short Edge

I learned about "Flip on Short Edge" last night. After walking 20 minutes in -1 degree weather, I made it to the printing lab to print out my chapbook. I did so, and trudged back through a Pittsburgh December to my house. I sat down to staple together the packet only to find that when you print 2 sided, the default sets the back sides of the pages to be UPSIDE DOWN in reference to the front side. Apparently its good for CHARTS. Well NOT FOR CHAPBOOKS. I guess "Flip on Short Edge" is the setting I needed. Its so cold. So horribly cold. I was trying to be prepared. Now I have to go print it and put it together using the Just In Time technique.


  1. Or, herald a revolutionary new design in chapbooks.

  2. Mark Z. Danielewski style, a la Only Revolutions

  3. i like this man, gerry.

    it's like i'm a little kid saying spring.

  4. Your comments are still helping printer illiterates like me, three years later! Thank you for sharing your plight.